true spirit

DV, colour, 20 min.

The viewer is put in a position of questioning their role in violence and consent, as well as their part in determining the gender identity of the players.
Empathy is the last taboo.

Exhibition history (installation version):

2009 “Porn Identity: Expeditionen in die Dunkelzone” curated by Thomas Edlinger and Florian Waldvogel, (looped version exhibited with works by Marcel Duchamps, Carolee Schneeman, Jean Genet, Kenneth Anger, Richard Kern, Edward Kienholz & Nancy Reddin Kienholz, Terence Koh, Stanley Kubrick, Bruce LaBruce), Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria

2002 Imekura Heaven, (role playing whorehouse) curated by Yoshie Suzuki and Isaac Leung of Nipporn HEAVEN GALLERY, Chicago

Screening history:

2009 Tekfestival, Italy, Spain. Francesco “Warbear” Palmieri, curator.
2004 Trannies on Film Festival, New College Cultural Center, California. Fresh Meat Productions.
2003 The Dragonroot Centre for Gender Advocacy Concordia University, Montreal.
2003 VAZALEEN, Pride Weekend Lee’s Palace, Toronto. Will Munro, curator.
2003 Nanna Heidenreich, curator. Lesben Film Festival Berlin
2002 HOMO-A-GO-GO Olympia, Washington at the Capitol Theatre. Bridget Irish, curator. All proceeds going to the Gender Variant Health Project (GVHP) of Olympia.
2002 COUNTING PAST TWO, Bloor Cinema in Toronto. Coordinated by Boyd Kodak and Kat Grant.
2002 Barnard, NYC Women’s Centre. (censored)
2002 Mix Brasil
2002 True Spirit Conference (followed by Q&A with director and actors) Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C.