Still Life: Israel Eats Itself

The state creates a gender and then cannibalizes it.

Incorporating an interview with a PTSD afflicted veteran of 5 wars, this tableau vivant uses the body as an analogue to landscape, land occupation, and ‘Holy Land’, to interrogate Jewish concepts of ‘purity’ and nation state.

(performance: 3 hours tableau vivant, in a surround sound environment)

(video version: B&W and colour, DV, surveillance cam, and super8. 5.1 surround sound. ca. 11mins.)

still life (israel eats itself) statement (2008)
still life (israel eats itself) transcription booklet (2008)



Exhibition history:

2016 – (looped video installation with headphones) Smack Mellon 20th Anniversary Exhibition. Carlotta Kotik, curator.

2008 – Live installation with surround sound, 3 hours. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto Canada. Erika Hennebury, curator.

Screening history:

2010 – MIX NYC, curated by Kate Huh

2009 – Vidance festival of Video Dance. Tel Aviv, Ramallah.

2008 – Live electroacoustic performance with projection. Brooklyn Academy of Music , NY.