Dear Guest,

You are invited to OBJECT BODY: UNEXPECTEDLY ECSTATIC. Three artists of different genres take new works for a test drive, with the companionship of an intimate audience.



I’m thinking about movement and agency, as a red thread between three motion/movement based performances. Additionally, “OBJECT-BODY: UNEXPECTEDLY ECSTATIC” seeks to cross-genre pollinate, as a way to grow new audiences and support artists at critical moments in the process of developing an artwork.

Excerpts of new movement/dance performance works will be performed by:

Leslie Freeman (burlesque & human anomaly/sideshow artist, and disability activist)
Kenya Robinson (visual artist)
Jesse Zaritt (dancer/choreographer)

The performances will be followed by a brief conversation and light refreshment.

Each of these artists has a gestural, live art practice which includes unique relationships to fixity, to objects and to motivity. Each artist will show an excerpt of a work in progress. “OBJECT-BODY: UNEXPECTEDLY ECSTATIC” is curated by artist Tobaron Waxman.

You are invited to join the artists as companions in critical engagement. Leslie Freeman, Kenya Robinson and Jesse Zaritt, are three artists each of whom I have had conversations with about embodied gesture and agency that permanently changed me. You are invited to enjoy some cross-pollination with us. “OBJECT-BODY: UNEXPECTEDLY ECSTATIC” is my last curatorial offering in USA before I move to Germany for the year. I hope you can join us.

Yours sincerely,
Tobaron Waxman

Studio Maya is a wheelchair accessible space. (in washroom no ramp or transfer bars)
Reservation required, via Facebook or email ________
*With your reservation please indicate whether you require a chair, or if you are comfortable to sit on the floor, or if you need space for your wheelchair.
Pay what you wish.”

Curatorial statement, work descriptions and artists bios available upon request.

Photo documentation of the performances by Nogga Schwartz:

LESLIE FREEMAN: “One: Striptease for Floor Dance (for Lisa Bufano)”


KENYA (ROBINSON): “Cheeky LaShae: Sack of Stars”


JESSE ZARITT: “Object/Abject study”


Emerging photo artist Nogga Schwartz is an invited guest artist participant. (this is more than just an over artspeaked way to say he’s taking photos of the work) Rather than attend as a passive observer, Nogga will engage the evening as a photo artist. 

Nogga Schwartz