“I’m very big with shadows, ya know. I can slip in and out of ’em like wind through a fence.” Anybodys – West Side Story (Act II sc. 2)(1961)

Whose bodies are documented in the archive? “GenderFluXXXors UnCoded” is a performance lecture of clips from the history of transmasculine erotic film and video, from the 1980s to present day.

The lecture has been presented in 4 different versions:

    • “GenderFluXXXors Uncoded”. Originally commissioned by Lisa Ganser for the Flaming Film Festival, Intermedia Arts Minneapolis, with the focus on images of people of colour (2004)
    • “GenderFluXXXors Uncoded: an FTM SuPornova”. Le Petite Versailles, NYC, curated by Peter Cramer and Jack Waters; with live internet video chat with Eliza Steinbock in Amsterdam ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) (2005)
    • “GenderFluXXXors Uncoded 3.0” Videotage, Hong Kong, curated by Dr. Katrien Jacobs, with live translation by curator and activist Denise Tang (2006)
    • “Genderfluxxxors 4.0, for Susan Stryker, in the future everyone will be transsomatechnic for 15 minutes”, video (15 min) and limited edition fine art prints. Proceeds from sale go to Kat and Boyd. Produced with assistance from Toronto Arts Council and Harvestworks NYC.

Proceeds from the performance and sale of fine art prints are collected in support of Kat Grant and Boyd Kodak, whose health and extensive personal archive of trans related media were destroyed by environmental toxic disaster when a City of Toronto construction crew broke a pipe under their house. They lost all their belongings, including a lifetime’s worth of archived international video, audio, film and periodicals representing the TS/TG experience. They continue to require frequent hospitalizations and they remain uncompensated by government / civic authorities. They have made a series of reality based comic books about these events, which can be seen here.

Shannon Bell taught in the name of Annie Sprinkle to dedicate ones orgasm. In the spirit of that teaching, GenderfluXXXors Uncoded is dedicated to the memory of the late Chance Ryder, the first male hermaphrodite pornstar a person ahead of his time.

Urgent message from Cat and Boyd, May 1, 2008.