Performance for photo, 2004.

Printed by CEPA Gallery, Buffalo for the ground breaking exhibition ‘Deviant Bodies 2.0‘.

Exhibition history:

Daneyal Mahmoud, NYC. “Dark Room – Homme Made” (2009) Avi Feldman, curator.

CEPA Gallery, Buffalo. “Deviant Bodies 2” (2006) Lawrence Brose, curator.

Dai ‘La , West Jerusalem. (2006) Duo exhibition with Gil Yefman.

Publication history:

Shannon Bell ’Tobaron Waxman’s Post Queer Pallette’. Canadian Dimension Magazine. Bell, Shannon, Gonick, Noam eds. May 2009

Reine Hauser “Body of Work,”, Afterimage Magazine, 34.5, 2006.

Catherine Young “Gray Anatomy”  Art Voice issue v5n48. November 30, 2006

DaiLa (cultural centre of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions), West Jerusalem, Israel. Ronni Shendar, curator. July 2006

Diaspora NYC and Tisha B’Av from the series Fraternity in LTTR#4: Do You Wish To Direct Me?. Printed Matter, NYC. 2005.