Amidah Triptych

Click to view Amidah: Mincha, JavaScript animation (2003)

Large format prints of performance for photo.

The numeric quantities (3 images, 6 figures per image, totalling 18 figures) correspond with a metatextual reading of the Shmoneh Esrei prayer, which includes the Amidah prayer, alluding to the prayer said three times daily. Image includes men in various states of clothedness. Other figures in the image seem not to experience the central androgynous figure as nude. A consideration of the idea of a man with a womb; individual physical condition is included in collective endeavour.

Exhibition history:

2006 “Deviant Bodies 2.0” curated by Lawrence Brose, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo New York, (group exhibition with works by Jaishri Abichandani, Del LaGrace Volcano, Tara Mateik, Mirha Soleil-Ross, Sandy Stone). Amida (2004) series and Fraternity (2002) series, Tisha b’Av (2004) series.

2006 Dai’La Gallery, International Coalition Against Housing Demolitions. West Jerusalem, exhibited with Gil Yefman. Amidah: Mincha, (2004) (photo), Tisha b’Av (2003) (photo) Portraits of Severin (2002) (video stills), Fraternity (2001), (video stills).

Publication history:

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Collections: private collections in Canada and USA.