wearable art :

A transsexual response to the Chassidic concept of hitlabshut (enclothement). Originally designed textiles made of packaging from 7 years 15 years 20 years of prescription hormone treatments. The textiles are then used to make traditional (i.e. men’s) prayer garments: tallit katan (tunic), tallit gadol (prayer shawl), kittel (death shroud). Garments 1 and 2 designed with Atom Cianfarani, fabricated with Atom, Daniel Lang Levitsky, and some mentorship from Heather MacKenzie, Vincent Tiley. Loom woven samples woven by Heather MacKenzie. Currently in progress.


Exhibition (of research & samples) history:

2013 ‘Queer Objectivity’, curated by Kris Grey. The Stamp Gallery at the University of Maryland College Park. Group exhibition with AK Burns, Cassils, Nicolaus Chauffin, Mary Coble, Lauren Denitzio, Brendan Fernandes, Kris Grey, Gordon Hall, Katie Hubbard, JJ McCracken, Cupid Ojala, LJ Roberts, Coral Short, Caitlin Rose Sweet, Tobaron Waxman, and Jade Yumang.

Publication history:

“Levush Project” in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly 6.3, special issue “Trans* Religion”. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza and Max Strassfeld, eds. Duke, 2019.

“Gender Diasporist” in Entangled Memories: Remembering the Holocaust in a Global Age. Marius Henderson, Julia Lange, eds. Universitätsverlag Winter, Germany, 2017

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