Peytach Eynayim

view Peytach Eynayim, JavaScript animation (2001)

Performance for photo during a rainstorm the day before the very first time my head was shaved in performance (see Opshernish). The artist is the protagonist in a rapturous scene that references Chagall’s crucifixion paintings, the legs of Pierre Molinier, and the primordial homoerotic scene of the Holy Lance with a new Queer iconography. Peytach Eynayim, a name implicating God as site, means “(the place of) Open Eyes” in Hebrew,  i.e. Truth in space-time. This references the crossroads where Tamar waits for Judah in this biblical story about love, sex work, revelation, and gendered sexual agency.

Exhibition history:

2012 “Illegitimate and Herstorical,” Emily Roysdon curator, AIR Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, (group exhibition with works by Feminist Tea Party, Bland Boydston III, Rachel Farmer, Barbara Hammer, Reena Katz, Lucretia Knapp, Barbara Greene Mann, Alice O’Malley, L J Roberts, Chris Vargas. Tashlich, (2009), (performance photo), and Peytach Eynayim, (performance 2001, print 2009)

2008 “The Left Hand of Darkness” The Project Gallery NYC. Group exhibition with Chloe Dzubillo, Tracey Rose, Tara Mateik, Slava Mogutin, Ryan Trecartin, Yasmin Dubois, Sarvia Jasso curators.

2008 Neutral Ground Gallery/ Queer City Cinema. Regina, Canada. Michael Toppings, Gary Varro curators.

Publication history:

“Tobaron Waxman/ Centres of Gravity” Goldberg, Ariel. Protocols issue #7

“The Left Hand of Darkness” Banai, Noit. Time Out NY