how long has it been

video, 9min. 2001. With Master Lorence Hyler and boy Paul Hickman.
screened as a looped installation, or as single channel video.

A daddy/ boy scene between two female to male trans men, each in different states of physical maturity, physical ability, and masculine embodiment. Their daddy/boy relationship and bond is a palpable trust with an unbreakable strength. howlonghasitbeen asks a question about how time unfolds for a submissive, and how different bodies experience time differently. The submissive experiences time, not on a 24 hour clock, but on a clock that revolves around his master. That coupled with whatever endorphine experience would also change the metre of a persons experience of time.

Part of the pleasure to the image of gender variant bodies occurs when the viewer seeks to place it within a frame of reference, and it keeps shifting out. The desire to get somewhere else, inside of the event/scene is achieved through various strategies of abstraction: by the use of different lenses and parallax, varying diptychs, and anachronous sound. In this way the subjectivity is manipulated, and is bounced around from the viewer to the bottom and ultimately to the director.


Screening history:

how long has it been, (2002), DV, 09min

2014 National Queer Arts Festival, Periwinkle Cinema at Artists Television Access.“Un-Dissing Our Abilities,” curated by Lisa Ganser and Lorin Murphy. San Francisco
2007 – 2006 PowerPlays programme of Cinekink on Tour:
2007 Clinton Street Theatre, Portland.
2006 Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago.
2006 Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco.
2006 Anthology Film Archives, NY
2004 Trannies on Film Festival, New College Cultural Center, California. Fresh Meat Productions.
2004 Flaming Film Festival, Inter Media Arts Center, Minneapolis
2004 ‘NeoQueer’ at Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle
2003 Lesben Film Festival Berlin. Nanna Heidenreich, curator.
2003 TrannyFest San Francisco
2003 Women in the Director’s Chair, Chicago, Illinois.
2003 Nederlands Transgender Film Festival
2003 The Dragonroot Centre for Gender Advocacy. Concordia University, Montreal.
2003 Barbara DeGenevieve, curator. Chicago Leather Archives, Chicago, Illinois.
2002 HOMO-A-GO-GO Olympia, Washington at the Capitol Theatre. Bridget Irish, curator. All proceeds going to the Gender Variant Health Project (GVHP) of Olympia.
2002 COUNTING PAST TWO, Bloor Cinema in Toronto. Coordinated by Boyd Kodak and Kat Grant.
2002 Barnard, NYC Women’s Centre. (censored) Blaise Garber-Paul, curator.
2002. Tunnel of Love: Public Caltrain Tunnel screening, double projections of open-heart surgery found footage and queer sexplicit experimental works on Valentine’s day. Maia Cybelle Carpenter, curator.
2002 University of Wisconsin-Madison. Sel Whang, curator.
2002 True Spirit Conference 2002. Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington, D.C.



Ontario College of Art and Design: “how long has it been” and “True Spirit”
Hampshire College: “how long has it been” and “True Spirit”
University of Wisconsin, Madison: “how long has it been”
New York University: “True Spirit”, “how long has it been”
Concordia University, Montreal: “True Spirit”, “how long has it been” (*scheduled for purchase by Dragonroot Center, acquisition cancelled because the text on the box was deemed politically problematic/triggering.)



Exhibition history (installation version):

2011 Queering Sex. Curated by Sarvia Jasso and Kathryn Garcia. Human Resources, Los Angeles California (Theo Adams, Skip Arnold, Bruce La Bruce, CHOKRA, Coco Dolle, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Kathryn Garcia, Wynne Greenwood, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Lars Laumann, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Danielle Levitt, Lovett/Codagnone, Manon, Nadja Verena Marcin, Lucas Michael, Tameka Norris, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Maria Petschnig, Hunter Reynolds, Michael Rudnick, Rafael Sanchez, Scottee, Michael Sharkey, Matthew Stone, Toshinori Tanaka, Fine Art Union, Samuel Vasquez, Marnie Weber, Kathleen White, Martha Wilson, Rona Yefman).
2004 Trannies on Film Festival, New College Cultural Center, California. Fresh Meat Productions.
2003 VAZALEEN, Pride Weekend Lee’s Palace, Toronto. Will Munro, curator.
2002 THE BOX, at Bar Italia, Toronto. Louise Bak, curator.
2002 Imekura Heaven, (role playing whorehouse). curated by Yoshie Suzuki and Isaac Leung of Nipporn. HEAVEN GALLERY, Chicago