Tashlich Postcards


Four (4) images from Tashlich as a postcard leporello. The individual cards are standard postcard size, and the back of each is printed with standard postcard template, should you wish to tear the perforations of the card, separate the postcards, and send them by mail.

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Riffing on the Jewish New Year ritual of Tashlich, which is a choreography of potentiality in which the human being addresses failure. After a period of fasting and hitbodedut (recitation of psalms and meditative text in seclusion), I immersed in the stream and cut off the biological record of my years in the religious world, the first time I had cut my beard since before I became religious, approximately 7 years growth 2002-2009. I was leaving the religious world and felt it was appropriate to let go of everything held inside this signage and bio record of the beard, not unlike emptying one’s pockets into the water at Tashlich. But I’m also immersed in it, because in reality there is no such place as ‘away’”. 


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